Between Indo Coal Companies

If you are a freak maniac for Bumi Resources (BUMI) stocks, you may start thinking to find another coal stocksAdaro Energy has shown 2009's fantastic financial report. Net profit jumped 392.26% last year from the previous year and operating profit rose 135.87% last year (YoY).

If you compare five coal mining companies, Bumi, Adaro, PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA), PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITMG), and PT Bayan Resources Tbk (BYAN), I think Bayan is now to be the coal company with the highest jump on net profit by 558.08% and Adaro ranks two with 392.26% rise, Bukit Asam ranks third with 59.65% increase, followed by Indo Tambang with 42.83% growth, and Bumi is the worst with a 49% fall.

If you look operating profit of Bayan and Adaro, I think Adaro is better than Bayan. Adaro, owned by many parties such as Garibaldi Thohir and friends and foreign institutions, posted 135.87% jump in operating profit, higher than Bayan's growth. Adaro's profitability, which is shown by operating profit margin, is far better than Bayan.

The most profitable coal mining company last year was state-owned enterprise Bukit Asam. The state-owned coal producer posted 23.96% increase in revenue last year from Rp7.22 trillion to Rp8.95 trillion last year. Operating profit rose 42.57% from Rp2.49 trillion to Rp3.55 trillion and net profit ballooned 59.65% from Rp1.71 trillion in 2008 to Rp2.73 trillion last year. How about Indo Tambang, majority owned and controlled by Thai's coal company Banpu Plc?

Sustainable Development - The Role Of Coal
One industry that has long been a pillar of the American energy establishment is coal, and the case of coal is particularly compelling for two reasons. The negative, of course, is that coal-fired power plants are among the most heinous emitters of greenhouse gases.

Central to Schweitzer's proposal is the implementation of large-scale coal gasification and coal-to-liquids (CTL) projects. The process of coal gasification disintegrates coal into its component parts by subjecting it to very high temperatures and applying pressure using steam and oxygen. Coal mining must be rigorously regulated.

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