How Does Mining Affect the Environment?

Digging of the Earth's crust to obtain metals and minerals like gold, silver, diamond, iron, coal, uranium, plutonium, platinum etc is termed as mining. Mining requires huge areas of land which necessitates clearing up of large areas of forests. For carrying out mining, various kinds of people are required. Indiscriminate clearing of forests for mining purpose leads to loss of habitat of huge number of species. Despite of all the measures taken, mining leads to pollution. 

Impelling Investment in Colombia Due to Oil Blooming and Mining
Enlivening growth in security gains and capitalistic-friendly investment boosts mining and Oil blooms in Colombia which was previously unknown. 80 percent of the entire $ 7.2 billion of foreign direct investment of the country, last year will flow to the oil and mining with investments in that sector have almost doubled to 3.1 billion dollars.

In 2009 Ecuador, the continents fifth largest producer got a sum of $312 million as foreign investment by contract. During Uribe's eight years rules, which ended on August 7, Colombia's oil reserves grew 22 percent to 1.9 billion barrels with production propelling 45 percent. Peru and Chile are vying for investment in mining. In Colombia previous year, Greystar Resources Limited has invested $140 million.

Large Scale Vertical Laser Mining
If our mining industries are to survive into the future we need to be able to extract more material in a shorter time without causing harm to the environment. I propose using vertical laser molecular Mining technologies to do this. As the dirt settled you could put more dirt on it later.