Why Non-Renewable Energy Sources Are Not Effective

Fossil fuels are slowly being used up, and alternative energy sources that are renewable will have to be found to avert an energy crisis and supply the energy needed. This energy source is not renewable, which means gasoline and diesel will not be fuel sources much longer. Just like crude oil and natural gas, coal is a fossil fuel which is not renewable and harms the environment significantly. Coal is not unlimited, and eventually this fossil fuel will also run out as well. Since coal is a non renewable energy source, it is not a viable solution to any future energy crisis.

Will Coal-Fired Power Stations Backfire on Gordon Brown?
It has been reported that Gordon Brown is to back the construction of a new generation of coal fired power stations. The argument is that as old plants are shutting down, Britain needs the new coal power stations to prevent future power shortages. Coal-fired power plants are not the only way of generating energy but are the most attractive option when it comes to price and availability. New technology from Australia, pioneered by White Energy is also a factor in the desirability of coal-power stations.

The Greenpeace website reported that Greenpeace activists in Australia managed to blockade Australia's most polluting coal-fired power station to call for an Energy Revolution. Coalmine methane (CMM), for centuries the bane of companies and miners, now offers potential as an alternative fuel source. Coal-Bed-Methane (CBM) pertains to methane deposits within the actual pores of coal seams. Coalmine methane (CMM) is actually revealed when coal can be fractured during mining operations.

Recuperation campaigns make use of three specific types of cbm to varying extents: Drained coal mine methane gas through active mines (or perhaps drained gas); compiled methane from forgotten mines (AMM); and captured ventilation air methane (VAM). Primarily, the sharp progress in worldwide energy requirement has catalyzed the actual hunt for innovative, unconventional sources of natural gas and power.