Coal Mining

Coal mining - extracting, processing and finishing part of the coal deposits are planned in the coal (brown coal and peat mining). - The selection of the technically and economically most suitable extraction process is determined, above all, deposit type and Flöztyp, hardness and thickness of the upcoming coal, power and nature of the overburden and the surrounding rocks and the available technical facilities.

The opencast mine is divided into the Department of overburden and the Department of coal mining. the Department of overburden Win in the dredging spoil and give it to conveyor belts or open car. These funds carry the muck in the charred surface mining (butt). In the Department of coal mining, coal is with the help of excavators and conveyor belts won or dump cars from the mine transported to the consumer.

The degradation can be more stacked benches in front of him to go. Coal mining are to also treatment plants, where coal crushed, washed and graded is (brown coal is washed in not), briquette, in which fine-grained coal with or without binders into briquettes are pressed and dried (brown coal without binder briquettes in), and some cases, coking plants, Schweelereien, power plants, and compressed natural gas stations in which electric energy coal, coke, coal gas and other useful materials produced are prepared from, and means for maintaining the equipment in these plants.

The opencast mine was economically important because he is the economy the most important primary energy source, lignite, provides. - The brown coal deposits are located in the Halle-Bitterfeld to Leipzig, Zeitz-Weissenfels and Lower Lausitz. The focus of the lignite is shifting more and more white water, etc.) to Lower Lausitz (Cottbus the. - The coal industry has, due to favorable geological and low occurrence becomes irrelevant. The low coal stocks were mainly in Zwickau. - The peat cutting has in predominantly local significance. Large peat deposits are found mainly in the north. Here, peat extraction is the current focus.